How to measure nanodrop samples accurately on Implen N120

How to measure microvolume samples on a nanophotometer consistently

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Implen N120 Nanophotometer: Start measuring samples with speed and accuracy

 Imagine a reliable sample analysis that saves you tremendous time. A rapid method that will shorten the waiting time and ultimately enables more people to continue their projects.

In summary?
  1. 12 samples in 20 seconds on the nanophotmeter
  2. Easy handling and cleaning
  3. Highest accuracy, no recalibration nanophotometer
  4. Advanced sample analysis technology can save projects, especially now

Speed and consistency

12 samples in 20 seconds on the nanophotmeter

Various nanophotometer technologies available offer ease of work. Nevertheless, the NanoPhotometer N120 is unique as it can simultaneously scan up to 12 DNA, RNA, and protein samples in as little as 1.7 seconds per sample with high quality and accuracy. You can measure 96 samples of as little as 2 µL up to 100 times faster, with fewer operational steps than single-channel nanophotometers. The intuitive operation menu and setting range of 200 - 900 nm wavelength offer rapid and complete sample analysis. Plus, you get detailed information, including full high-resolution scan results and sample purity ratios.

How to measure nanodrop samples accurately on Implen N120


Easy handling and cleaning

Precise loading of samples onto the NanoPhotometer N120 is easy with the single and multi-channel pipette positioning guides and illuminated sample windows. Cleaning the sample areas is a breeze: swipe with a KimWipe, and you are good to go for another round. Watch the movie at the end of this blog to see how intuitive it works.


Highest accuracy, no recalibration nanophotometer

We all know the frustration when time and time again, you measure the same sample with different outcomes. The last thing you want is to worry about the accuracy. Spending hours on the sample analysis, while you want to continue the experiments that matter most.

Most nanophotometer systems available use motorized components to stretch the nano volume droplet. Everything motorized will get slightly off or wear out in time. Moreover, these systems use open sample slots resulting in evaporation of the droplet. The Implen Nanophotometers use a covered slot for sample loading and magnet-based Patented Sample Compression Technology™ with fixed path lengths for unmatched accuracy and precision. These systems work independently from surface tension and are free from evaporation. Because of the magnet-based technology, these nanophotometers are maintenance-free. A lifetime, worry-free accuracy is guaranteed.
Happy scientists who measured samples fast and accurate

Our solutions

Advanced sample analysis technology can save projects, especially now

The Implen nanophotometer N120 can measure and analyze 12 samples in 20 seconds using the magnet-based Patented Sample Compression Technology. Allow more people to work effectively with this high-speed, accurate, and maintenance-free nanophotometer.

In case GMP regulation is required. The CFR21 software complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and is an optional software tool ideal for GxP laboratories, which require proper electronic record keeping. It includes user management, access control, electronic signatures, data integrity, security, and audit trail functionality.


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