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Westburg Life Sciences is a proud Friend of The Netherlands Red Cross

Would you like to become as wel a friend of the Red Cross? "

We are proud to share that since April 2023 we are a Friend of the Red Cross Netherlands, a growing network of committed SME entrepreneurs who value corporate social responsibility. Together with the Red Cross and other entrepreneurs, we help people in need now and invest in sustainable solutions to better prepare vulnerable communities for disasters. 

Take action before a disaster

Every year the Philippines is hit by natural disasters, such as typhoons and monsoon rains. In the Philippines, mangrove trees, among others, are planted to protect the coast from storms. This prevents a lot of damage and suffering.
Another project is the 510 team, which works on collecting data so that (natural) disasters can be even better predicted, such as extreme drought.  


Food emergency aid in the Netherlands

Unfortunately, in the Netherlands, a meal is not something everyone can take for granted. More and more people skip a meal because they need help to afford the groceries. This is why the Red Cross offers emergency food aid to people who cannot find help from other agencies. Together with local partners who know the neighbourhood well, the Red Cross distributes breakfast bags and shopping cards. 
Doing good for another and investing in the future is important to us. Through our cooperation with the Red Cross, we contribute to this.