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How reliable is your cell culture process?

Make sure you can be confident in your experimental design and that you can trust your data; now and in the future. Continue reading on the current solutions that can help you get that accurate and trustable data for publication.

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We will explain the challenges most labs face working with cell culture. Whether it is publishing data or producing products, nowadays, getting reliable data in an automated manner is growing. We will show you how to make the best choices for your lab work.

Cell culture working in flow cabinet

Cell culture challenges

From how to face the silent killer mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures to one-click cell counting to best practice quality control using microscopy, we will share with you all of the knowledge and inside information to get you up to speed.

5 reasons to switch to serum-free medium

The serum-free media solution achieves ideal cell culture conditions without using FBS and eliminates batch-testing and tiresome price negotiations.

How to reduce cytotoxicity during cell transfection?

Cell toxicity or cytotoxicity refers to harmful events caused by chemical and/or therapeutic reagents. How to reduce this during cell transfection?


We won’t leave you with only the information, but we have selected the solutions we can offer to ensure you can be confident in your experimental design and trust your data, now and in the future.

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Our approach to cell culture

For us, it all started as a student with a pipette in hand a culture flask lying there in the flow cabinet. With little knowledge of getting the most reliable data from the experiments, a protocol in our hands, and all trust weighted on our shoulders to get things right. Growing in our scientific work, we learned a lot, but still, it was challenging to navigate through the field of cell culture to get all the relevant ins- and outs on good practice cell culture.

We believe in the easiness of getting your cell culture experiments just perfectly right. The challenge you face is not strange to us. With our laboratory background and all the years of experience representing various products and brands, we have tailored our solutions and expertise for your best interest.

We want to move research forward together with you. Pick our brains about the techniques, possibilities, and how to make your successes possible as much as you like. why not take a little bit of research time to invest in setting up methods that are validated, consistent and reliable. That will help you get reproducible data the first time around. You can become the hero at your lab, working quickly and getting high-impact results.

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How to end transfection difficulties when you can use mRNA?

mRNA transfection has some advantages over DNA transfection, especially helpful when working with complex cell types in gene editing research:

Universal protein isolation method for cells and exosomes

Efficient purification of large proteins can be challenging. If the agarose has a high density, the more difficult it is for large proteins to enter the agarose.

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