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Society depends on life science. To solve problems we have now, but also to face tomorrow’s challenges. You are the heroes of our generations. We feel proud to stand side by side and to let you perform extremely well.

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Analytik Jena offers German gründlichkeit with high-end Biometra thermocyclers, the QtowerIris real-time PCR system, electrophoresis equipment, and sample homogenizers. Capricorn Scientific is the new kid on the block, offering high-quality cell culture media and flexibility for custom production. Logos bio has established its name by now, with the Luna-II and Luna-FL cell counters sending cell counting troubles to the past. Implen is one of our brands, and it has already evolved its product into an innovative, affordable nanophotometer range on many lab benches. Polyplus, IBA Life Sciences, Roboscreen, Biotechrabbit, and Innuscreen are reliable reagents and kit suppliers you can trust.

As a result of decades of collaboration, we offer Thermo Scientific PCR reagents and plastics. Explore our Phoenix product range for everyday lab equipment. With Arvensis, we provide eco-friendly PCR plates for environmentally conscious researchers and technicians. Last to mention is our range of Westburg brand PCR plastics, pipette tips, and storage plastics to meet your need for quality products at a fair price.   

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For us, being a sidekick means synergy. Helping you achieve your scientific and business goals faster and more efficiently.

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Make sure you are using the best tools every day. Next to quick scans, we provide sufficient supplies with our warehousing and stock program solutions.

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As a scientist you make progress by failing. But with quality toolsand protocols you can prevent time wasting mistakes in your research.

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Supplying scientists since 1984.
With our mission to move your research forward, we partner with brands that provide innovation, service, and applicable technologies. You may find unfamiliar brands, but you can trust us that we partner with brands offering quality for fair prices.
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