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Supplying scientists since 1984.
We’ve been around. Always helpful, sharing knowledge, sharing ideas on how to make things better. It actually feels nothing like GeorgeOrwell’s novel...

The sidekick every hero needs

Society depends on life science. To solve problems we have now, but also to face tomorrow’s challenges. You are the heroes of our generations. We feel proud to stand side by side and to let you perform extremely well.

Our vision and mission

We are helping life science researchers with our knowledge, products and services. All to assist you in choosing the right research tools and instruments and supporting you to take the desired steps in your research. Both effective and cost efficient.

Vision statement — To be your side-kick, helping you pursue knowledge and improve the quality of life by anticipating, understanding and meeting your experimental needs.

Mission — Help move your research forward by bringing the right tools to your bench.


Founded in 1984 as part of ASW Holding, Westburg Life Sciences started its journey by distributing restriction enzymes from New England Biolabs. This was just the beginning of our continuous evolution and adaptation to new technologies. We were part of the disruption of expression studies with this then-novel technology, leading to a significant leap in knowledge and understanding of biological processes. As technologies evolved, we continued to move scientific research forward with new products. Clotech laboratories offered expression systems, cloning technologies, and virus systems, further innovating research.

Our journey didn't stop there. We formed a partnership with Qiagen, transforming an unknown sample preparation kit supplier into the golden standard in the isolation market. And why stop here? Brands like Li-Cor Western Blot Imaging Systems, Takara Bio, EVOS microscopes, and many more followed. We are proud to have contributed to the growth of these visionary brands and to have established them in the Benelux market.

Today, we represent brands like Analytik Jena thermocyclers, LOGOS Bio cell counting systems, Capricorn Scientific cell culture products, Roboscreen test kits, and Innuscreen isolation kits. Our brand AmpliStar PCR plastics, TripleA pipette tips, and safeStore storage plastics add to the promise to offer high-quality products at a fair price.

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For us, being a sidekick means synergy. Helping you achieve your scientific and business goals faster and more efficiently.

Warehousing and Stock Programs

Make sure you are using the best tools every day. In addition to quick scans, our warehousing and stock program solutions provide sufficient supplies.

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As a scientist, you make progress by failing. However, with quality tools and protocols, you can prevent time-wasting mistakes in your research.

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