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How to reduce off-target effects during ribosomal RNA removal?

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Ribosomal RNA removal for efficient RNA sequencing.

Why would I invest time in switching to a new ribosomal RNA depletion technique? Because kits with no restriction, but complete freedom in choosing the targets you need is available.

In summary?
  1. Why should you worry about ribosomal RNA?
  2. The alternative rRNA removal solution is here
  3. What is riboPools rRNA removal?
  4. Why choose riboPools?

What is rRNA removal?

Why should you worry about ribosomal RNA?

Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) makes up most of the total RNA, approximately 80-90%. A lot of money and resources go wasted on sequencing these parts of the transcriptome, while most of the time, you're not interested in it. It also reduces the detectability of low-expression genes and takes tremendous time during sequence data analysis to clean up the rRNA sequences.

rRNA removal method

The alternative rRNA removal solution is here

There was a time in history Ribo-Zero ribosomal RNA removal for RNA sequencing was easily obtainable. Then Illumina® kidnapped it,  deleting package sizes and making it impossible to purchase stand-alone. Before all this, we represented epicenter, the producer of Ribo-Zero. In our experience, this kit made lots of RNA sequencers happy, being an easy and effective method. We found a fierce opponent: riboPOOL rRNA depletion.

We have been looking for similar, easy-to-use, quality products for some time now. We are thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with siTools Biotech, the maker of the riboPOOL™ for ribosomal RNA depletion. Now available for the Benelux. This kit applies to many species. Even better, a custom-made option is available! It comes in 12, 24, and 96 reaction sizes. It is Shipped freeze-dried, complete with buffers, beads, and clean-up reagents. If you prefer your clean-up protocol, no worries; the riboPOOLs are also available as stand-alone products.

Okay, enough promotion talk. What is it really, and why are we so enthusiastic about this product?


What is riboPools rRNA removal?

The power of riboPOOLs is in the complex pooling. Instead of 1 single oligo against the Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) of interest, which results in off-target effects or unspecific binding, the complex pooling results in high specificity and reduced off-target effects. On top of that, due to this principle of pooling, the batch-to-batch consistency is high.

Adding riboPOOLs to your RNA-seq library preparation will give outstanding rRNA depletion, so you can focus on analyzing the sequence data that matters to answer your scientific question.

Our solutions

Why choose riboPools

RiboPOOL delivers an increased quality or at least the same level of rRNA removal compared to competitors at a fraction of the price. With the increased flexibility, there are many species to target. In contrast to Ribo-Zero offered by Illumina®, you use your preferred library prep kit, and it comes in either a 12, 24, or 96 reactions. Deplete any RNA of your choice, e.g., globin from whole blood samples, Pan-Prokaryote and Combination riboPOOLs against rRNA from multiple species, or the human and mouse riboPOOLs depleting > 95% cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNA.