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In addition to the support of our Westburg colleagues, various other services ensure that you can do your work optimally. Do you lack space in your warehouse, or are there new colleagues who would benefit from additional product knowledge? We deliver customization. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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Our specialists selected high quality and thoroughly tested products. So you can rely on reliable performance of laboratory equipment and consumables as solid base.

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Learn about the PCR and qPCR mechanisms contributing to good laboratory practice here.

Cell counting

Cell counting is made easy with this state-of-the-art and affordable solution. Even students will work faultlessly.

Reproducibility in research

Discover how you can access reproducible data with convenient solutions.

Cell culture

Confidently perform cell culture experiments with these insights into media, transfection, and other challenges.

Whether searching for scientific breakthroughs in your Life Science lab, or efficiently producing high-quality data. We supply you with cutting edge tools, advice and solutions for your scientific research. 

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