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Overcoming cell counting stain toxicity
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How to reduce cytotoxicity during cell transfection?

cytotoxicity refers to harmful events, how to reduce them.

How to overcome cell counting stain toxicity?

Do you know Trypan blue is carcinogenic?

Complex microscopic setting limits reproducibility

How to optimize qPCR in 9 steps?

The quantitative PCR workflow is straightforward, in 9 steps, this means:

Optimizing qPCR with best in class tools

5 ways you don't have to rely on a fluorescent microscopy expert ever again.

Discover how you get high-quality images without the need of an expert.

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Optimizing qPCR with best in class tools
Scientist dsperate because cell culture is not going well
Researchers discussing results
Pipetting a cell counting slide for luna II FL and FX7
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What type of PCR system are you looking for?

Ever wondered which system best suits your need?

Do you have a though time reproducing experiments?

Two-thirds of researchers have tried and failed reproducing results.

How to stop Mycoplasma from destroying your cell culture?

Don't underestimate the effect on cell culture. Prevent this problem today.

9 common manual cell counting problems and how to fix them

You never want to go back to manual cell counting, ever again.

Serum free medium
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Hemocytometer for cell counting
Image of cell with Luna II

5 reasons to switch to serum-free culture media

The serum-free media solution achieves ideal cell culture conditions.

What to look for in an automated cell counter?

How do you make the right choice?

What to do with precious contaminated cells in culture?

When it is impossible to terminate the experiment, we help.

Which cell counter matches my needs?

Luna Family Cell Counters are trusted companions for many researchers.

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