Learn how to use this product Effective bead mill homogenization for many sample types The SpeedMill PLUS is a highly efficient bead-based homogenization system to isolate DNA, RNA, or proteins from various start materials that are difficult to lyse with a reagent. Usually, the simple and cost-effective method, mortar and pestle, is used to grind samples, but it is laborious, inconsistent, and undoable for large sample sizes. This Bead-beating process with up and down movement and passive cooling prevents substantial sample warming yet effectively disrupts all solid samples. Comparatively quiet compared to other homogenizers, this is an outstanding to-have system. You can rapidly and efficiently homogenize the samples using 1,5 or 2ml lysis tubes containing application-specific beads. Even the most resistant starting materials, such as bones, cartilage, and chitin shells of insects, can be entirely and reproducibly homogenized within a very short time. We offer various application-specific beats, but you can use 1,5 or 2ml lysis tubes from any vendor. Sample cooling before, during, and after milling The passive cooling, by placing the P20 sample holder in a fridge down to –80 °C before homogenization, warrants efficient sample cooling during the lysis process and prevents the substantial sample warming that occurs with other bead-beating homogenizers. Liquid nitrogen or dry ice during sample isolation is no longer required, saving you the considerable expense of these additives.