Learn how to use this product The Power Supply P25 and P25T have been part of the basic equipment of molecular biology laboratories with electrophoresis applications for years. Thanks to excellent performance data and four pairs of connection jacks, all standard electrophoresis and blotting applications can be operated with it. It has a universal 4 mm safety socket, which ensures compatibility with standard electrophoresis systems of various brands. The system has a robust design and is stackable.
Excellent performance and superior durability make the Biometra P25/P25T the most powerful power pack within the Biometra product portfolio. Focusing on a simple user interface and robust design, the P25/P25T has been specifically designed to let you effectively and reliably accomplish many simple routine biochemical analyses. The wide voltage/current range with 300 V and 1.000 mA and the four parallel output connectors offer maximum flexibility in setting the operating parameters. This makes the Biometra P25/P25T perfect for safe and reliable high-throughput analysis of nucleic acids and proteins.
Easy and error-free programming
The ergonomic display design supports a reflection-free viewing of the setting parameters.