Learn how to use this product "The Maxima Probe qPCR Master Mixes are ready-to-use solutions optimized for quantitative real-time PCR and two-step reverse transcriptase QPCR. The master mixes include Maxima Hot-Start DNA polymerase and dNTPs in an optimized PCR buffer supplemented with the reference dye ROX. ROX is an internal reference for normalization for systems still working with light bulbs. You only need to add your template and primers. The buffer provides high specificity of primer annealing.

You can use the Probe qPCR Master Mixes in real-time PCR to quantify genomic, plasmid, viral, and cDNA templates. This product ensures PCR specificity and sensitivity as it detects low copy number targets and eliminates non-specific amplification and formation of primer dimers. In addition, dUTP is included in the mix for optional carry-over contamination control using uracil DNA glycosylase (UDG).
Internal control dye included

The mix includes the ROX reference dye, which has a different emission spectrum compared to the fluorescent dyes used for probes, so it does not interfere with your QPCR results. ROX allows for the correction of well-to-well variation due to pipetting inaccuracies and fluorescence fluctuations. There is also a Probe qPCR Master mix available with the ROX solution separately provided.

Probe qPCR Master mixes are compatible with most real-time thermal cyclers.