Learn how to use this product The Eco-Mini can be used for smaller gels (9.4 cm x 8.0 cm), and the Eco-Maxi can be used (19.4 cm x 18.5 cm) for larger gels.
The buffer tank can be used with the electrophoresis module for 1 to 4 (Mini) or 1 to 2 (Maxi) gels and with the blotting module. The design has user-friendly components, such as the gel pouring stand, which enables leakproof pouring of gels, and the blotting module with color-coded cassettes for error-free blotting.
Tanks with cooling connections for water cooling for sensitive samples
The Gel Module for electrophoresis accepts hand-cast gels and precast gels in plastic cassettes. Glass plates of
.5-11.0 cm width and up to 11.5 cm length can be used. The compatible precast gel sizes include 8.0 x
.0 cm to
.0 x
.0 cm.
With Biometra Eco-Line, Analytik Jena offers a robust, modular tank system for PAGE electrophoresis and blotting applications to support you in your protein analysis. Specially designed for everyday use, gels can be cast quickly, efficiently, and space-savingly in the electrophoresis module. The unique high-tech sealing material used in the gel casting stand ensures leak-free gel casting. The extra strong glass plates are supplied with fixed spacers, facilitating handling and saving you valuable time in routine laboratory work. In addition to the comfortable option of running two to four gels simultaneously, the modular tank design also extends the range of applications.
The Eco-Mini and Eco-Maxi have a wide selection of different combs, and in combination with unique Divider-Plates (for the Eco-Mini), the Eco-Line is the most flexible and powerful solution to meet various needs offered. In addition, the integrated water circulation system (buffer tank EBC) sets new standards in the electrophoretic protein analysis and allows reliable separation of sensitive samples under controlled temperature conditions.