Learn how to use this product The new vacuum aspiration system VAS-10 can be used to aspirate out all liquids from a wide variety of different vessels. The VAS-10 has an aspiration bottle that can easily be detached from the system and is able to hold up to 4 liters, furthermore, the bottle is autoclavable. The built-in fluid level control prevents the bottle from overflowing. The maximum vacuum pressure of 600 mbar is freely adjustable and adapts the system for many applications. A variety of tips are supplied for use with the Vacuum Aspiration System, such as the 1-channel stainless tip 60 mm, Φ 1.5 mm (PX AS-E 20), 1-channel stainless tip 60 mm, Φ 2.5 mm (PX VAS-E 21), 1-channel stainless tip 120 mm, Φ 1.5 mm (PX VAS-E 25), 1-channel stainless tip 120 mm, Φ 2.5 mm (PX PX VAS-E 26), and the 8-channel stainless tip 60 mm (PX PX VAS-E 28). Furthermore, 1-channel 200 µl (PX VAS-E 35) and 1000 µl (PX VAS-E 36) tip adapters and 200 µl 8-channel (PX VAS-E 40) tip adapters are available.