Learn how to use this product Starting with a fast spectra acquisition performance spanning from 190 up to
00 nm, the ScanDrop² system leverages full spectra recording within 1.6 seconds and a high resolution of ≥ 1.5, enabling you to create fast and consistent measurements. Sample spectra recording in larger sample series can then be considerably reduced, allowing a flexible and rapid operation. The unique spectrometer ensemble facilitates this high performance. The ensemble includes a linear CCD detector optimized for the UV/Vis range, a powerful and long-lasting Xenon flash lamp, a sample scanning mechanism allowing rapid spectra acquisition for multiple micro-and standard volume sample positions, and a Polychromator system with a symmetric Czerny-Turner design. When used, the Scandrop² has an easy setup because the Xenon flash lamp requires no warm-up, and the Polychromator system requires no calibration, as it is fixed in place and resistant to external factors.
The Scandrop² has an attractive and small design that perfectly fits on any laboratory bench. The innovative opening mechanism allows the cuvettes to be placed intuitively and, in the case of standalone operation, a direct view of the operating tablet. The spectrometer is suitable for determining protein and nucleic acid concentrations and further Life Science applications. The ScanDrop² allows you to work with very low volumes and highly concentrated solutions, thus saving you large amounts of samples. In addition, the spectrometer design provides uncomplicated access through its adapter changer. Furthermore, the design allows for easy cleaning of any surface.