Learn how to use this product Have you ever longed for a real-time PCR system offering true flexibility and open consumable use? The qTOWERiris open system for qPCR consumables and reagents and freely configurable color filter selection provides all the necessary adjustability. Stand-alone or PC-controlled, with 5-100 microliters sample sizes, you have all the required flexibility.
Fast, accurate Multiplex QPCR without edge effects. This high-precision qPCR system has it all: broad light spectra from UV to Near-infrared, 440 nm- 670 nm/ 505 nm - 730 nm excitation/detection in one device. The unique multicolor LED light source and adapted improved filter modules offer real 6-Plex (multi-target) applications against the best price-performance ratio in the market.
The optical fibers, connected to an 8-position optical detection shuttle, offer numerous advantages. Scan times are minimized to only 6 seconds, regardless of the number of measured dyes. The individual detection of each well eliminates edge effects, making ROX passive reference obsolete.
The heart of the patented fiber optics is the unique light source. Four high-power LEDs optimally excite the fluorescent dyes in each individual well without any lamp warmup time. Various filter modules enable the selection of various excitation and readout wavelengths. Upgrade the module wheel to six different color, FRET, or protein modules within minutes. You don't have to invest immediately, but you can quickly adapt the system when new applications arise.
Ultrafast block with superb temperature uniformityThe high-grade silver sample block provides outstanding temperature uniformity across all 96 wells. Ramping rates are adjustable up to an impressive 8 degrees per second, emphasizing the performance of this state-of-the-art thermal cycler.With the Linear Gradient Tool, you can set a stepwise temperature increase across 12 columns up to 40 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 0,1 degrees Celsius steps. This enables fast optimization of qPCR cycling conditions and eliminates guesswork.
10-year warranty - on optical system componentsThe highly sensitive detector is maintenance-free and requires no periodic calibration. Westburg offers an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all high-performance optical system components, providing peace of mind for years.