Learn how to use this product The BTA series comes with the UNIBLOC weighing system. It provides exceptional stability, response, and reliability characteristics. The weighing cell is made with innovative and compact construction, and when combined with digital process technology, it delivers the fastest weighing results and highest stability. This toploading balance automatically adjusts to environmental conditions, ensuring consistent and accurate results. It boasts easy handling of all procedures, making it user-friendly even for those without advanced technical knowledge. Users can easily access and analyze their data with its direct data transfer into Windows applications via the Windows Direct function. The device also offers various application programs to suit a range of needs. The balance is made conform GLP/GMP protocol and includes various application programs for added convenience and reliability. The balance's durable aluminum die-cast housing guarantees longevity and durability, backed by a 5-year warranty. There are three different calibration procedures available for this device. The first procedure is a fully automatic calibration that takes place after any significant temperature deviations. The second procedure is also fully automatic but occurs at user-defined time intervals. Finally, the third procedure is initiated by pushing the CAL button, which triggers a calibration process using a built-in calibration weight.