Learn how to use this product The PX CD-1008 centrifuge is an efficient laboratory equipment with two different lid colors - green and blue to match your lab decor. With a maximum speed of 7000rpm, it can quickly spin down samples and perform microfiltration. The centrifuge features a DC motor drive that ensures quiet operation with a noise level of less than or equal to 45 dB. The dual-door interlock design guarantees safety, preventing the rotor from operating unless the doors are locked securely. To suit specific needs, the centrifuge has two rotors - 2ml x 8 and PCR8 x 2. The rotor is seated on a tapered shaft, making removing it easy. You can start or stop the centrifuge by closing or opening the lid or using the on/off switch. It is an ideal laboratory equipment for quick spin downs and microfiltration, ensuring efficient and accurate results.