Learn how to use this product The Biometra Compact family was developed for professional nucleic acid measurements and analysis in research and routine laboratory work. Due to the excellent resolution, the horizontal electrophoresis systems offer greater precision and data interpretation accuracy, even with small nucleic acid fragments.
The Compact systems are well-suited for daily use. The systems have high-quality acrylic construction, a unique bigfoot safety lid, and durable components such as corrosion-protected platinum electrodes and gold-coated plugs. Together, this guarantees maximum durability and reliability in all applications.
The innovative gel casting systems set new speed and ease of use standards. Specially developed "plug-and-cast" gel casting systems for the gel tray sizes XS, S, and M guarantee simple and leakproof casting. An easy-to-use gel casting system with adjustable feet and a leveling device is available for the Maxi gels L and XL.