Learn how to use this product The Biometra Compact Multi-Wide series combines the high quality and sophisticated, user-friendly design of the Biometra Compact family with high application versatility for medium to high sample throughput. One electrophoresis chamber size can separate nucleic acid samples in medium to high numbers using four different gel trays with varying run lengths. Four gel sizes are available (15 cm with lengths of 7/
/15/18 cm), and the associated pouring systems are equally compatible with the different gel trays.
The impressive combination of a stable design with high application versatility already in the Biometra Compact Multi-Wide series makes it an essential piece of equipment in every laboratory with agarose gel electrophoresis applications.
The system offers a sophisticated chamber design, high-quality platinum electrodes, and corrosion-resistant plugs for maximum reliability. The four different gel tray lengths make it the most variable model of the Compact Family for the rapid screening and loading of multiple samples with short or long separation distances. Depending on the gel size, up to 6 combs can be placed simultaneously on the gel tray, with a maximum sample capacity of 192.
The gel trays are UV-transparent, and a movable fixing element provides the flexibility required to quickly and securely fix the different-length gel trays for the casting of gels. With mobile gel casting dams, multiple gels can be poured simultaneously:
3 gel tablets of 7 cm length
2 gel trays of
cm length
1 gel tray of 7 cm length + 1 gel tray of
cm length
1 gel tray of 7 cm length + 1 gel tray of 15 cm length