Learn how to use this product Modular tank system for protein gel blotting and electrophoresis, the Tankblot Eco-Maxi is part of the modular Eco-Line product series, which allows 2 or 4 gels to be blotted simultaneously.

The ultra-pure platinum electrodes are specially arranged on the side walls of the buffer tank to ensure uniform and reproducible transfer over a wide range of molecular weights.

The special design of the blotting cassettes allows easy assembly and loading into the tank and protects blotting sandwiches against squeezing.
Tankblot "C": cooling option versions offer the additional option to cool the gels continuously during the blotting process via the connections for an external cooling unit. This is the ideal prerequisite for a gentle transfer of temperature sensitive, native or very large proteins (
0 kDa) even with long transfer times (24 h).

Tankblot Eco-Maxi is for gel sizes up to 22x19 cm. You have the choice to transfer several mini gels or 1 large gel per blotting cassette. Up to 2 cassettes can be transferred simultaneously.