Learn how to use this product This TAdvanced module fits all TAdvanced baseunits offering unprecedented flexibility.
The well-known Biometra Tadvanced thermocyclers produced with German gründigkeit colored many labs red. The silver block option is the fastest thermocycler with a heating rate of up to 8°C/sec available. This impressive speed is the result of new electronics combined with the high conductivity of silver. If you choose a TAdvanced with an aluminum block, it can heat up to 6°C/sec, which is still one of the fastest blocks around.
The easy-to-program thermal protocols make it an appreciated friend at the lab. In addition, the user-specific quick-start function means users can launch their favorite PCR programs in seconds. The preinstalled program templates for various PCR applications contribute to their convenient use. Edit them or create your program on the large 7-inch touchscreen. Save it for the next time and continue the run.
The block control, meaning no over and undershoots of temperatures when heating and cooling, is superb. You can trust the PCR machine to run what you programmed and get accurate results every time. Combined with the High-Performing Smart Lid for even pressure and heat control, it is guaranteed incomparable to other thermal cyclers' performances. When turning the knob to close the lid, it ticks when it is fast enough. Your students will have an easy day working with this device without breaking any mechanics.
With the Quick Block Exchange technology, you can exchange block modules in a few seconds without a screwdriver or other tools. The new block is automatically recognized and installed by the software. Choose from block modules in 60-, 96- and 384-well formats, including gradient-enabled blocks.
Program linear temperature gradient with defined temperature intervals between the individual rows of the block With the unique Linear Gradient Tool. For maximum convenience, the Linear Gradient Tool supports programming of even-numbered temperature values for a maximum number of rows. Keep in mind to purchase the gradient-enabled block module.
Because silver conducts heat so well, temperature changes spread across the block almost immediately. So, you can be sure that the PCR conditions for each well are the same and that your results are reliable and reproducible.